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Paper Presentation
   Automobile Dynamics
   Supersonic flow
   Helicopter Rotordynamics

    Micro Engines


                                                                      High Temperature Materials
                                                                      Smart Materials
                                                                  Aircraft Structures
                                                                  New trends in,
                                                                       Mechanical                                                                          Automobile Engineering

        @  Maximum two authors per paper are allowed.

        @  Abstract of the paper must be in IEEE format and not to exceed 150 words.

        @  Max. Time for presentation is 5 minutes and 2 minutes for queries.

        @  On the day of presentation participants must submit 2 hard copies of your paper

   A water rocket is a type of model rocket using water as its reaction mass.  The pressure vessel is usually a plastic soft drink bottle.  The water is forced out by a pressurized gas, typically compressed air. It is a example of Newton's third law of motion.  The term "aqua jet" has been used in parts of Europe in place of the more common "water rocket" and in some places they are also referred to as "bottle rockets".

       @ Max. 2 members per team.
       @ Bring your own launch pad and                                                                    the launch pad willbe provided                                                                    on request.
                                                             @ Judgment will be based on the                                                                     target achieving
     Glide your talents by endeavor your knowledge of designing the glider.  Glider aircrafts are heavier-than-air that are supported in flight by the dynamics reaction of the air against their lifting surfaces, and whose free flight does not depend on an engine.  Mostly these types of aircraft are intended for routine operating without engines though engine failure can force other types of aircraft to glide.  Some gliders have engines for extending thier flights and some have engines powerful enough to launch.

            @  Max. 2 members per team
            @  This events consists of 2 rounds, first will be the qualifying round and                     then the final round.
            @  Final judgment will be based on material used, range and  endurance.
   You can become a modern Leonardo Da Vinci by displaying the performance of your ornithopter model is this elite event and we will appreciate you with a cash prize for your enthusiastic work.  An ornithopter is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings.  Designers seek to imitate the flapping-wings flight of birds, bats and insects.  Though machines may differ in form, they are usually built on the same sace as these flying creatures.  Manned ornithopers have also been built, and some have been successful.  The machines are of two general types: those will engines and those powered by the muscles of the pilot.

         @  Max 2 participants per team.
         @  You should bring your own model with flying condition.
         @  Judgment will be based on endurance and design.

Aircrash Investigation

 @  Max. 2 members per team are allowed

 @  The participants taking part in this event       have to answer  the questions which             are framed from the air crash video                shown to you

@ 15 minutes time will be given to you to                                                                          answer the 5 questions.

Field Events
    RC Models
       The participants taking part in this event have to display the performance of your Radio Controlled model and win a cash prize from us. A radio-controlled model (or RC Model) is a model that is steerable with the use of radio control.  All types of vehicles imaginable have had RC Systems installed in them, including cars, boats, planes and even helicopters and scale railway locomotives.

       @ Max. 2 members per team
       @ Model must be in working condition and must be ready to fly.
       @ Judgment will be based on maneuverability, material & design factors.

Project Expo

   You can display your innovative projects on any field and win a cash prize for your valuable wok.



         @  Max. 3 members per team are allowed


         @  Abstract of your projects must not exceed 200 words.


         @  Photograph of your project must be attached along with your abstract


         @  Max. two members per team
         @  Safe landing and timing duration                    should be considered
         @  Material will be provided